Interns and New Lawyers

The Brussels Office offers summer internships to law students in their third or fourth year. We accept applications from all over Europe. We also welcome interns all year round for a flexible duration (in particular for the applicant waiting to begin or who just completed the stage at the European Commission). Interns join the practice of their choice, which consists of either European competition or trade law or the whole gamut of Belgian law (including M&A, litigation, tax, and labor law). Depending on their experience, interns conduct research, work on legal audits, write memoranda, and draft contracts and opinions under the guidance of experienced lawyers.

New lawyers attend the New Lawyer Academy, an annual event held in Washington, DC. Each fall, new lawyers assemble from our more than 40 offices around the world to meet and network with each other and learn what it means to be One Firm Worldwide. Our Firm leaders, partners, and associates teach the new lawyers about Jones Day's culture, history, organization, and achievements and lead substantive and interactive training sessions. Every year, our new lawyers take away from the Academy a sense of great pride and excitement about being part of the Firm.