Is Our Apprenticeship Right For You?

Is Our Apprenticeship Right for You?

Is Our Apprenticeship Right For You?

Before you decide to apply for a Paralegal Apprenticeship at Jones Day, you need to consider whether our Legal Apprenticeship programme is right for you. It doesn't matter to us whether you studied A levels, BTEC or other Higher Education Access programme, whether you are new to the idea of a legal career or have always wanted it, or whether you are still considering university. We seek the best and recruit to retain.

Academic achievements are important: we expect at least AAB at A level and at least 5 GCSE’s at grade B or above including B in both English and Maths (or equivalent qualifications).

But we are equally as interested in the person you are and the lawyer you can become.

We want our apprentices to have understood and enjoy the way our Legal Apprenticeship training works, the global nature of our work and our collaborative culture.

Our Apprenticeship may not suit everybody but the opportunities are significant for those it does.

What Our Apprentices Say

Here’s what our apprentices say about their training experiences to help you decide whether The Jones Day Way will suit you.

Leon's Story


Leon Carter, Solicitor Apprenctice

"I decided to pursue an apprenticeship straight after BTEC at college rather than enter higher education as I felt that actual corporate experience could be just as valuable to me as a university qualification. I had chosen BTECs rather than conventional A-Levels because I found that completing a wide range of assignments and case studies over time suited me better than studying for one-off exams; and I felt an apprenticeship would replicate that style of learning in the work place.

This particular apprenticeship at Jones Day combines study at BPP University Law School one day a week with 4 days a week working at Jones Day and provides full support towards both a Paralegal Qualification (first two years) and a Solicitor Qualification (with LLB law degree) (following 5 years). All study costs for the 7 year apprenticeship period are covered and I am paid a salary as well. I’m now in the second year of the Solicitor Apprenticeship (the fourth year of the overall programme) having completed the Paralegal Apprenticeship I have been able to move forward academically and at work without the worries that come with student debt.

The best thing about the Jones Day apprenticeship is the diverse range of work I do. As Jones Day does not have a rotational or "seat" training system, I get the opportunity to work with numerous departments at the same time. I didn’t want to spend my entire apprenticeship with one team as I felt that would limit my development and my choice of specialization. Jones Day offer their apprentices the chance to try every practice sector which means I gain a greater knowledge of several different areas of law and can choose which area suits me.

I am one of the first generation of apprentices at Jones Day. My greatest surprise has been how quickly I have progressed in the time I have been here. I have exceeded my own expectations and developed skills such as time-management, attention to detail and problem solving. When applying for the apprenticeship, I admit I found the size of the Firm and the global work it does fairly daunting. But I quickly learned that everyone is incredibly friendly and wants me to succeed and feel comfortable here."

Becky's Story


Becky Funnell Solicitor Apprentice

"I chose this legal apprenticeship over my offer of a place at university because it provides me with the opportunity to gain valuable skills in the workplace, whilst also studying for a law degree and (hopefully!) qualifying as a solicitor. Jones Day’s full, seven year apprenticeship programme may seem like a long time at first, but it will actually take me the same amount of time to qualify as a solicitor as if I’d studied the non-law degree I had a place for at university. The apprenticeship has given me hands on experience and a practical way of learning what a lawyer really does.

A lot of my friends are at university and admittedly are all having a great time. However, many have said they are envious that I am gaining workplace experience whilst they are struggling to find work placements, internships and jobs. I’m also earning a good salary!

The best thing about the Jones Day apprenticeship is the varied work I do. As Jones Day do not require me to sit with a specific team in a specific "seat", I am able to get involved in work from all of the different departments at the same time. I have also been surprised by the type of work I can do. I thought being one of the most junior in the office I would be doing solely administrative tasks. But in reality I complete substantive work including legal research and drafting letters. I have even attended a trial. From an early stage I have been actively involved in very high value cases and deals which is an exciting advantage of working at a large, global firm like Jones Day.

Now in my fourth year of the Apprenticeship Programme , I see my role in the Firm expanding. I hope to continue to improve my knowledge of the law in a practical context by continuing my involvement in substantive work and seeing cases and deals through from start to finish.."

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