Trainee Solicitors

The Hong Kong Office trainee system has two key objectives: to ensure that our trainees gain in-depth exposure to all our practices, and to identify and cultivate our trainees' strengths so that they may become associates in the practice that best aligns their professional aspirations with the goals of the office. The first 12 months of a trainee's contract are spent in a structured rotational system, followed by a flexible final 12 months during which each trainee transitions to the position of associate.

Trainees are assigned to a supervising partner who, during the entire course of their training, ensures they receive proper supervision and support. Formal reviews take place regularly to discuss performance and solicit feedback. The office also runs regular internal training seminars to ensure that trainees obtain appropriate experience in the major areas of practice. Most importantly, trainees receive continual practical training and feedback from the lawyers they work with. We also encourage our trainees to further develop their legal knowledge by participating in a wide range of external training seminars, and provide support for additional study that would benefit a trainee's practice.

Candidates for trainee solicitor positions with the Hong Kong Office should apply in the first semester of their penultimate year of law school and are required to enroll and complete the Hong Kong Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) before commencing their training.


New Lawyers

New lawyers attend the New Lawyer Academy, an annual event held in Washington, DC. Each fall, new lawyers assemble from our more than 40 offices around the world to meet and network with each other and learn what it means to be One Firm Worldwide. Our Firm leaders, partners, and associates teach the new lawyers about Jones Day's culture, history, organization, and achievements and lead substantive and interactive training sessions. Every year, our new lawyers take away from the Academy a sense of great pride and excitement about being part of the Firm.