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Our Unique Training Contract Explained

Why It's Different

At Jones Day we give our trainees two years' real responsibility. Our non-rotational system means that you influence your own mix of work. Many of our partners trained here. You'll find them easy to approach and eager to work with you. After all, they were you once. We’ve been different for 30 years and we remain so because it works.

How It's Different

Jones Day - Non-rotational system

You can work with any partner or team across all departments throughout your two years of training and sit in an office with another trainee.

Other firms - Traditional rotational system

Training is divided into periods of four or six months, working exclusively for one department at a time then moving on. You belong to one partner or team and sit in an office with a partner or associate.

You will: 

  • See deals and cases from beginning to end.
  • Experience a wider range of practice areas.
  • Make stronger client bonds, working alongside clients throughout the two years.
  • Receive more rounded training, assisting with all aspects of a transaction.
  • Learn different styles and techniques from many lawyers.
  • Enjoy a seamless transition through to qualification so that your first day as a qualified lawyer feels like your last as a trainee.

You won't:

  • Worry about the lottery of seat allocation.
  • Do six months' intensive training in a practice you've decided is not for you.
  • "Belong" to one partner or supervisor.
  • Drop an interesting case/deal to move onto another seat.
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