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Pro Bono

Jones Day lawyers from every region are active in a broad range of the Firm's pro bono work based upon individual interests. In evaluating the professional development and performance of lawyers, the work done on pro bono matters is given the same weight and consideration as client billable work.

Here are three recent examples of pro bono matters in which lawyers, summer associates, and trainees from several Jones Day offices participated.

  • Many Jones Day offices helped launch an online guide, Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships, that comprehensively surveys and tracks changes in the law governing the legal recognition of same-sex relationships around the world.
  • In March 2017, Jones Day established a full-time presence near Laredo, Texas, aiming to provide representation to women with claims for immigration relief in the Laredo detention facility. The firm selected Laredo as the site for this innovative project because the detention facility houses a substantial population of women with claims for immigration relief arising from the gender- or gang-related persecution they faced in their countries of origin. Prior to Jones Day’s presence in Laredo, these detainees had no access to free legal services. 

    Jones Day’s presence in Laredo has radically expanded the access of detainees to legal assistance. The firm’s attorneys offer "Know Your Rights" presentations to detained women and then meet with as many of the women who request an interview as possible to screen their cases for full representation. To date, Jones Day has engaged over 200 clients out of Laredo, assisting them with their legal needs inside the detention facility, including by representing them at Master Calendar and bond hearings, and—for those women who are not eligible for release—by handling the expedited trials to adjudicate their claims for immigration relief. To the extent that Jones Day’s clients are released, the firm’s representation continues in the jurisdiction to which they relocate. Jones Day attorneys have obtained the release of over 130 clients pending trial. 

    Nearly 500 attorneys from every Jones Day office in the United States have supported the firm’s efforts in Laredo. In total, these attorneys have dedicated over 40,000 hours to the Laredo initiative. Their work, in the words of one client fleeing domestic abuse in El Salvador, has "opened doors of freedom for those of us who could not afford attorneys."

    For more information on Jones Day’s contributions, please, see Law 360’s article, "In Remote Immigrant Detention Centers, It’s Pro Bono Or Bust"
  • Jones Day lawyers have participated in the Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) program focused on improving the trial skills of Kenyan prosecutors and private practitioners who litigate cases involving victims of gender violence. U.S. federal judges have been among the international teams of volunteers that worked closely with United States Justice and State Department officials and met with the U.S. Ambassador in Kenya. Now in its fourth year, the LWOB Kenya program addressed the impact of the new laws and their implementation in the context of a trial, in addition to improving trial advocacy skills through a full mock trial.

Day of Service

"Day of Service" is a Jones Day community service event that takes place annually in Firm offices across the globe. Each office selects a project appropriate for that office and its community. 

To see videos about the Firm's pro bono work and pictures from our Days of Service around the world, please visit the Pro Bono playlist on the Jones Day YouTube channel.